UI, UX Design

Harvard University Information Technology (HUIT), Cambridge, MA
HUIT Digital Repository Service (DRS) BEFORE UX design

This is the before screenshot of the HUIT DRS.

I was brought on as a UX Designer for a 10-week contract.

I had one problem to solve: make it clear to the user how to step through the search interface.


Screen shots of HUIT DRS AFTER UX/UI design

Once I created a natural flow in the hierarchy, redundancy was eliminated. Selection for Objects, Files, Events, or Batch were placed at the top level as a filter rather than making each of these element selections within each search option. My choice of using radial buttons also made it clear to the user that they could only select one at a time.

I capitalized on a javascript accordion function already implemented as adding to development time was not an option.

The Quick Search is open by default. Once a user selects a different option, the previously selected option will close signaling to the user that they can only search one option at a time.